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Five tough sustainability questions to OSTP´s CEO

OSTP is a market leader in welded stainless steel tubes and fittings, and CEO Andrea Gatti is determined to lead in sustainability as well. We asked him some straightforward questions about what sustainability means and how OSTP is working to achieve it.


 1. OSTP has sustainability as a core value. That puts sustainability high on the agenda, but what does it really mean for OSTP’s everyday work?

Our core values define our OSTP mindset and help us make the right choices consistently. As I see it, having sustainability as a core value emphasises the importance of everyone contributing. As a company and as individuals, I believe we’re obliged to take responsibility for our impact.

Of course, OSTP is by no means perfect when it comes to sustainability – we still have a long way to go and we have clear road map for the journey. But we’re focused, and we’re working on it from the inside out. Besides being clear about our ambitions internally, that means becoming more transparent to our customers regarding our sustainability work.

2. When you talk about sustainability, it’s often the environment in focus. But isn’t sustainability broader than that?

Sustainability has many important aspects. We need to have a safe and healthy work environment for OSTP personnel, for example. There will always be more to do in all sustainability areas, and we’re always striving to improve.
I don’t think OSTP is alone in emphasising the environmental side of sustainability. There’s a sense of urgency to CO2 emissions, especially – even for me on a personal level. Being Italian and a passionate mountaineer, I’ve spent a great deal of free time in the Alps, where I’ve seen first-hand how quickly the glaciers are shrinking. It’s really scary, and it’s my conviction that the climate is the crisis of our time. It definitely needs our focus.

3. Even if your thinking is green, can a company in the steel industry really become sustainable?

My standpoint is that everything we do, as individuals or as companies, has an impact on the planet. Growing food, making clothes and travelling all consume resources and produce CO2, just like forming and welding stainless steel.

That said, we can’t deny the negative impact we do have. Rather, we need to focus on how we can reduce it and make those actions a part of our mindset. I believe it must be an active choice. We need to shrink our footprint as much as possible with the technology that’s available today – and take advantage of the new possibilities as technology improves over time.

Additionally, our stainless steel products are 100% recyclable and can actually be used again and again. Plus you’ll find them in water treatment, pulp and paper and other industrial applications, where they contribute to sustainability.
A new application for our products is in the commissioning of car battery giga-
factories where welded stainless steel pipes and fittings are needed to handle the huge flow of water and other liquids.

4. Do you think OSTP is doing enough to shrink its environmental footprint?

We measure our emissions, so I can say objectively that we’re doing well on that point. But we cannot rest on our laurels – we have to keep improving. That’s why we’ve created a clear sustainability road map, so that we can move consistently towards our ambitious goals.

5. Let’s be honest. Isn’t promoting OSTP’s sustainability just another way to make money?

We’re a company, of course, so there will always be a business side. I won’t deny that we need to make money. But I can also see a positive circle there, because being profitable allows us to invest in further environmental improvements.
What’s more, I think it’s natural to promote what you do well. We’re proud of our achievements and have no reason to hide them from our customers. On the contrary, I hope our results can be inspiring. When we show our progress on sustainability, we make it clear that progress is possible.

I’m a firm believer in leading by example. Each of us can always do more, but we create rings in the water when we dare.

Rely on Tube fair success!

The Tube 2022 exhibition in Düsseldorf, together with our customers, we joined the best. A big thank you to all who came to visit our stand. Following the two years of Pandemic restrictions it was important and well overdue for us to meet face to face once again with you, our valued customers, and friends.

At least in Europe the worst of the Pandemic seems behind us, and a more traditional life has returned for most with unlimited gatherings and travel.

We should all remain conscious of our responsibility to ourselves and others to always consider health and safety as a priority.

After what seemed like a very long and cold winter in the Nordics finally the summer seems to be arriving and the mid-summer celebrations will be upon us, to the great joy of all Scandinavians!

For those of you who could not make it to Düsseldorf, we hope to meet you all at the Stainless Steel World Exhibition, taking place in 2022 from the 27th to 29th of September in Maastricht.

See you soon! 


On the 12th of May, OSTP in Örnsköldsvik was recognized as Export Company of Year at the annual Företagarkvällen event in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. This was the 14th year for the event, and the award was presented by the Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce in association with Industrigruppen.

Anna Edblad, Industrigruppen; Reinert Svensson, MD OSTP Örnsköldsvik and Anders Eriksson, Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

The nomination said of OSTP:

“For more than 100 years, the company has manufactured and distributed tubes and butt weld fittings to demanding customers in Europe. Exports represent 90% of its sales, which are primarily directed to process and chemical industries. With unique competence among its employees, OSTP strives to deliver with the highest precision and quality, every day. No pipe or fitting seems impossible for OSTP to manufacture.”

Reinert Svensson, MD at the Örnsköldsvik site, says:

“I’m really proud of this recognition and award. It is a recognition of our company and our products, but most of all it is an award for all the great work performed by our skilled and committed colleagues. It is an award for our entire team.”

Thomas Hellman, Product Manager Butt Weld Fittings, comments:

“Over a long period, we have established OSTP as market leader for butt weld fittings in Europe. The ability to develop unique production processes and adapt to market requirements has put OSTP in front, generating stable growth and profitability.”

Commercial update 29.3.2022

Market update for OSTP Group Customers:

LME has now traded for three consecutive days (25th, 28th & 29th ) within Daily Trading Limits (+/-15%).

This has enable the LME to publish Official Cash Closing Rates for these days. Naturally we cannot be assured that further disruption days will not occur but seemingly and hopefully some stability is returning.

OSTP as advised earlier was able to published its applicable AAF rates for April-22 delivered materials (Process Pipes and BWF’s) as expected by the normal due date (25th March).

We encourage and welcome all our customers to engage in dialogue with us through your normal contact routes so we can together plan your material needs for April to June so we can best adjust our planned production programs to ensure we maximise on time supplies and prepare mill stocks for the Summer Shut down period.

At current Nickel rates and the 20% increase to Q2 FeCr rates it should be naturally expected
that AAF rates will increase still further in May at least if current conditions continue.

We remain committed to maintain regular news updates on our website for your information and guidance.
All information is given in our announcements are done so in good faith and without any liability or responsibility based on the best information available to us at the time of announcement.

For more information:
David Garrett
Head of Group Sales & Marketing
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