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Our OSTP people are the enabler that will make everything else happen!

Prepared in case of an emergency

Johan Vikström is the industrial fire chief at the unit in Jakobstad. Learn how he can combine his interests with his work at the Jakobstad production site combines his work with his leisure-time activity.

Making a difference, contributing to quality

IT work at OSTP

What’s the best part of working with IT at OSTP? Åsa Engblom and Håkan Nyström are in total agreement: The people, the possibilities and the variation in the work.”

Meet Kjell Bergström,         

X-ray technician at OSTP in Örnsköldsvik

X-RAY TECHNICIAN. This is just one of the professional roles available at OSTP in Jakobstad and Örnsköldsvik. 

We talked to Kjell Bergström, who works as an X-ray technician at OSTP in Örnsköldsvik . Read what he says about his role, colleagues and working at OSTP.

Meet Sabine Beckmann,
Sales Area Manager

The choice of Örnsköldsvik and OSTP as workplace was no coincidence when Sabine Beckmann, living in Spain and originally from Germany, started looking for new opportunities.  She and her life partner Alex relocated from Spain to Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, to start a new adventure and for Sabine to start a new position at OSTP.  

Learn more about the latest team member of the OSTP commercial team, her interesting route back to OSTP and her impressions of OSTP and Örnsköldsvik