Stainless Steel solutions – now is the time to discuss!

During these challenging times with rising costs such for materials, energy and transport, in addition to   challenges in achieving sustainability targets and ambitions, there can be no better time to discuss with OSTP’s commercial team material optimisation possibilities and solutions.

One of OSTP’s major strengths as a Leading Welded Stainless Steel supplier is the vast range of available grades (Austenitic / Lean Duplex / Duplex / Super Duplex / Super Austenitic / Heat & Creep etc) and dimensional solutions from 16mm to 2000mm od to complete a full Stainless Steel piping demand in both tubes, pipes and fittings.

The future potential for the tubular stainless steel industry is interesting with projects to come over the following 12 months. That demonstrates again, as we discovered during the height of the Pandemic, the resilience of this industrial segment.

Naturally there are still major concerns regarding the rising inflationary rates and increasing interest rates across Europe and not least the substantial increase in energy costs, impacting all industrial sectors and individual households.

Offering options for cost savings, life cycle benefits and more

Taking advantage of the expertise of OSTP’s commercial team can help you optimise your solutions.

It could be that considering a Metric Tru-Bore® or thin-walled ISO solution for your piping needs may offer substantial weight and cost savings or indeed a change from a traditional Austentic grade to a Lean Duplex, Duplex or Higher Alloy grade.

This could give substantial savings and/or life cycle benefits! A move from seamless to welded in appropriate circumstance could reduce costs and improve availability.

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