Update on nationwide strike in Finland

The political strike in Finland, which effects the harbour works and ports, is regrettably now confirmed and planned to be ongoing from March 11th to 24th March. 

Currently OSTP Jakobstad production is not affected and runs normally. 

We continue to monitor the situation closely and will make further update announcements should there be further developments.

In the meantime we are working to find best possible solutions and advanced preparations to ensure delayed shipments can be expedited as soon as possible starting in week 13. 

For more questions regarding specific orders or deliveries please reach out to your nearest sales contact. 

At this time OSTP will not be able to confirm any existing or new orders to Central & Southern Europe with dispatch Ex-Mill before week 13. 

We would ask customers who have extremely urgent material needs to discuss these with their local sales contacts as some very limited transport solutions may be available.