Digitalisation and the manufacture of pipes and butt weld fittings – are they compatible?

Anders  Brännbacka, Group Coordinator Digitalisation
Anders Brännbacka, Group Coordinator Digitalisation

The combination is spot on. Anders Brännbacka is Group Coordinator Digitalisation in the OSTP Group, and improvement is his passion. He wants to break with the idea of traditional industry as something dark and unmodern. “We’re part of a very traditional industry, but what many don’t know is that change is already happening,” Brännbacka says. “Lots of companies – ours included – have begun the journey of digitalisation, automation and modernisation, yet we’ve been bad about communicating it. Perhaps because the cutting edge for us is not the same as in IT/telecom. The conditions and pace are different in our industry, but the progress is no less exciting.”

“For OSTP, this means that we already have several projects underway,” Brännbacka continues. “A digitalisation road map has been set, and we have stable working partners and an enthusiastic organisation. Naturally, this is nothing one does overnight. Rather, we’re working for the long term and step by step throughout the whole group, taking different steps at different times. It’s a journey where we’re learning from each other and working our way forward together.”

“If you look at our vision map for 2030, you get a very clear picture of our ambitions,” says Tim Sihvonen, head of IT and logistics in the OSTP Group. “Our goal is to be the most efficient and sustainable company within our field. That will place demands on our IT resources going forward, of course, but it will be a fantastic opportunity to work with our ongoing development. A truly transformative journey. At present we have five people in IT, me included, who work with overarching systems and strategy for the whole OSTP Group. In fact, we’re now looking for additional staff who want to be involved, influence and contribute to positive change.”

Tim Sihvonen, head of IT and logistics, OSTP Group.