The Numbers Reveal the Benefits

As we reach the halfway mark of 2023, we spoke with Anders Brännbacka, Digitalisation Coordinator at OSTP Group, to delve into the current state of digitalisation. We wanted to know if it’s all about ambitious and future projects like BEAST, or if tangible progress is already underway. Brännbacka promptly responded: “There are already numerous projects […]

Welding development in focus

The Swedish national organization for welding, ”Svetskommissionen”, met in Örnsköldsvik end of March to discuss welding and development. This year the focus was on the expansion in the North, competencies needed as well as welding of advanced materials and special methods. OSTP was one of the companies that the team visited this year. Erik Poohl, […]

OSTP buys Japrotek’s buildings and invests in a new production line – while digitalization points to the company’s future

OSTP in Jakobstad, Finland, is pushing into the future through significant  investments. A new production line, more space and digitalization projects are all part of what’s going on in the company.  Forward-thinking strategy OSTP is developing to become even stronger and more sustainable, both as an employer and as a supplier of stainless steel pipes […]

Finnish harbour worker’s strike is over – back to normal routines

As of today the Finnish harbour worker’s strike is over, with immediate effect.  This means that we’re back to normal routines. It might however take a couple of weeks to clear backlogs and fully return to normal service levels. If you have questions on specific deliveries, please contact to your nearest sales person.

Digitalisation and the manufacture of pipes and butt weld fittings – are they compatible?

The combination is spot on. Anders Brännbacka is Group Coordinator Digitalisation in the OSTP Group, and improvement is his passion. He wants to break with the idea of traditional industry as something dark and unmodern. “We’re part of a very traditional industry, but what many don’t know is that change is already happening,” Brännbacka says. […]

Stainless Steel solutions – now is the time to discuss!

During these challenging times with rising costs such for materials, energy and transport, in addition to   challenges in achieving sustainability targets and ambitions, there can be no better time to discuss with OSTP’s commercial team material optimisation possibilities and solutions. One of OSTP’s major strengths as a Leading Welded Stainless Steel supplier is the vast […]

Stainless Steel Conference & Expo Maastricht 2022

In September we were very pleased and proud to welcome customers to the OSTP Stand at the Stainless Steel World 2022 event.  Dinner together with customers With most of the OSTP commercial team present, we hosted our Wednesday night dinner event for our customers and enjoyed time with our valued customers face to face. Despite […]

Five tough sustainability questions to OSTP´s CEO

OSTP is a market leader in welded stainless steel tubes and fittings, and CEO Andrea Gatti is determined to lead in sustainability as well. We asked him some straightforward questions about what sustainability means and how OSTP is working to achieve it.    1. OSTP has sustainability as a core value. That puts sustainability high on […]