Stainless Steel Conference & Expo Maastricht 2022

In September we were very pleased and proud to welcome customers to the OSTP Stand at the Stainless Steel World 2022 event. 

Dinner together with customers

With most of the OSTP commercial team present, we hosted our Wednesday night dinner event for our customers and enjoyed time with our valued customers face to face.

Despite being affected by the ongoing repercussions of the situation in the world today, the general atmosphere at the event was in fact rather upbeat.

The future potential for the tubular stainless steel industry is interesting with projects to come over the following 12 months. That demonstrates again, as we discovered during the height of the Pandemic, the resilience of this industrial segment.

Naturally there are still major concerns regarding the rising inflationary rates and increasing interest rates across Europe and not least the substantial increase in energy costs, impacting all industrial sectors and individual households.

Sustainability – on everyone’s mind!

It was very clear that the theme of Sustainability, which OSTP focused on for our stand this year, was at the forefront of everyone’s mind and of great interest to all our visitors.

At our Customer Evening Andrea Gatti (CEO) confirmed OSTP’s commitment to Sustainability as a core company value and outlined for our customers the innovative services OSTP intends to launch early in 2023 to an exceptionally positive response.

Further details will follow and be communicated in the coming months – so stay tuned!

Finally, a big thankyou to all customers who took the time to visit us, and we look forward to seeing you all again in September 2023.