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Dear Customer


As always within OSTP we endeavor to put our customers at the center of our actions, communicating openly and promptly.


The Covid 19 pandemic affects us all nationally, locally and individually and at all levels.

We in OSTP take our responsibilities extremely seriously and wish to confirm to you all that our highest priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees their families, our customers, suppliers and partners.


The management of OSTP is continuously monitoring developments centrally and locally within our sites, ensuring that we react in accordance with the latest recommendations of the authorities to protect the local society and its citizens and to best safeguard our operations and services.


At this time, we are pleased to confirm that:


  • Our production bases in both Sweden & Finland are still running normally and without any significant disruptions.

  • Our upstream supply chain for raw materials remains robust and flowing normally.

  • Our stock levels remain in good shape to service demands.

  • Our Sales departments are fully operational centrally and locally whether by remote home working practices or traditional office based.

  • Material dispatches continue relatively unchanged except for specific customer announced material receipt restrictions – which we respectfully ask you all to keep us fully updated on regarding your individual positions.



Naturally the situation in these most challenging times can alter rapidly. OSTP is therefore committed to keep you our customers updated in an ongoing way in order to assist you with your own supply chain management and business protection.


We will continue to issue regular updates on our website to this end.




David Garrett

Head of Sales and Marketing



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