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Customer Notification


Dear OSTP customer.


We note that the Covid-19 pandemic is causing different issues and restrictions at some of our customers to lesser or greater extents country dependent.


OSTP wishes to inform all its customers that unless we receive written notification to STOP deliveries of confirmed orders, we will continue to ship goods as confirmed in our order acknowledgements.


Upon receipt of a STOP shipping notification we will naturally support your needs and hold goods at our sites in Sweden and Finland until we receive clearance to procced with dispatch.


However we wish to point out that in cases where materials have already physically left our sites according to original plans before any notification to STOP is received, we must regrettably hold customers fully responsible for any incurred costs associated with delays in goods acceptance at contracted site (transport standing times / storage / returns etc.).


Please therefore ensure that you keep us promptly informed, via your local OSTP sales contact, of your own specific circumstances and restrictions/needs.


In this way we can best mitigate costs for you and keep supply chains best serviced.


Thanking you in advance.


Best Regards



OSTP Group


David Garrett

Head of Sales & Marketing                 



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