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Notification of STRIKE ACTION  
Dear Customer,

The Finnish Seafarer's Union has announced support measures for the on-going Postal and Logistics Union strike.
As from Thursday 21st of November at 06.00, the Seafarer's Union has announced that it will stop handling all trucks, tank trucks and trailers on the passenger and ropax ferries in the Finnish harbors.
If this support strike begins, it will in practice stop all ferry-bound freight traffic, especially between the Nordic and European countries.
The Postal and Logistics Union rejected the conciliation proposal submitted by the national mediator late last night, this means that conflict is still not solved.
The parties will continue negotiations tomorrow the 21st of November at 13.00.
We are monitoring the situation closely and we will keep you updated on the development of this conflict.
Please discuss with your contact person at OSTP in order to find special solutions for any really critical deliveries you may have



mar 2019
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