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OSTP Örnsköldsvik Centenary Celebration 13th June

2019 is a triple birthday year for OSTP with OMV turning 60 OSTP Jakobstad turning 70 and OSTP Örnsköldsvik turn 100.

As 100yrs is a significant milestone in any aspect of life and none more so than for a business our commemorative event on the 13th June was especially meaningful.

OSTP proudly welcomed over 100 participants from more than 16 countries to its centenary event in Örnsköldsvik which included presentations by Andrea Gatti (Group CEO), Reinert Svensson (General Manager Ö’vik) and Tore Bäckström (Group Chairman), followed by mill tours of both the City Center and Svedjeholmen production platforms.

Staff and their families enjoyed a separate event on the 15th when over 300 attended a site party and production tours.

We thank both customers and staff for their support which has enabled us to reach this impressive milestone and for taking the time to celebrate with us.

During the event we also unveiled a distinctive sculpture at our Svedjeholmen site which clearly shows the history of OSTP Ö’vik production from the early milk churns to the current leading market producer of BWF’s.

We look forward to working with you all to build the next 100yr’s of development and growth for OSTP.




mar 2019
As our business develops, we constantly need knowledgeable and motivated personnel, such as welding operators, metal workers, maintenance installers, electric automation installers, truck drivers, packers etc. You can fill in an open application where you can define what kind of job you are looking for.