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OSTP Örnsköldsvik

is celebrating a century of innovation


During 2019, OSTP Örnsköldsvik site is celebrating one hundred years. A true success story that started with two energetic brothers and a tin plate vessel factory which later developed into a vision of making the best products, focusing on stainless steel. Ultimately leading them to expand across the world and becoming today the largest manufacturer of Stainless Steel fittings in Europe.


  • I am very proud of what we have achieved during this first century, taking the lead in our segment of Stainless Steel products. Who would have known that when the Ekberg brothers started the business back in the early days? We would not be where we are today without our employees, says Reinert Svensson, General Manager OSTP Örnsköldsvik.


The story of OSTP Örnsköldsvik is the story of strong will and Stainless Steel. It started in 1919 when the Ekberg brothers’ Tin Plate Vessel Factory was founded by the two brothers Oscar and Leonard Ekberg. The production consisted mainly of vessels for local products as fish and candy, dairy equipment and paraffin. But the factory soon became leading light in the area of Stainless products.


During the 1960’s the production of butt weld fittings grew, ABE (the new company name) specialized in acid-proof Steels and in 1965 the number of employees had reached one hundred. Being successful, the company could expand both nationally and internationally with ventures into Canada, Mexico, USA, Estonia. Finland, Belgium and France.


Nevertheless, in 1975, the Ekberg era ended and the company was sold to three leading Swedish steel companies; Uddeholm, Nyby and Sandvik. During the coming years Avesta AB acquired ABE and in 2005 the company was merged with the mother company Outokumpu Stainless Tubular Products AB.


Since 2013 Tubinoxia acquired the majority shareholding and the company name changed to OSTP.


Today OSTP Örnsköldsvik is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Stainless Steel Fittings along with tubes and pipes and is today by far Europe's largest producer of butt weld fittings. OSTP’s products are used across virtually all industrial sectors including: P & P, W & WWT, Chemical,

O & G, Mining, Marine, Building & Construction, Energy etc.


  • An essential part of our success has been constantly improving the production process by developing and investing in new machines and tools. To be able to compete on the world market with a standard product, we have to make the production processes more efficient compared to all others. Our hundred-year-old culture of doing everything ourselves and differently to our competitors in combination with OSTP’s core values Safety First and Rely on Quality is a strategy that has taken us this far, says Reinert Svensson.


During the jubilee year 2019 it will be noticed that OSTP Örnsköldsvik is turning one hundred years. The façade of the production facility of OSTP Örnsköldsvik is already adorned with a special centennial logo, and closer to summer all employees will be invited to a hundred year’s party.


  • The company spirit is based on our employees' strong sense of friendship, responsibility and quality at work which pays off in customer satisfaction. We will continue to improve quality, refine the processes and become even more efficient. Stainless Steel is both durable and at the same time one of the world's most recycled materials, which makes it environmentally friendly. This is very important for the future concludes Reinert Svensson.


For further information, please contact:

Reinert Svensson, tel. +46 70 378 03 79



mar 2019
As our business develops, we constantly need knowledgeable and motivated personnel, such as welding operators, metal workers, maintenance installers, electric automation installers, truck drivers, packers etc. You can fill in an open application where you can define what kind of job you are looking for.