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OSTP Finland gains industry recognition

The well recognized Finnish financial magazine Talouselämä has analyzed the 500 biggest companies in Finland in its 21st edition issued 29.5.2015. The analyze is based on the financial statements from years 2013 and 2014 and takes into account statistics on turnover, ownership, branch, operating profit, net
profit, ROI, gearing, equity ratio, investments and number of personnel. Talouselämä has scored the companies on a scale between 4 and 10, where 10 is the highest possible score.

OSTP Finland by turnover enters the top 500 biggest company list in Finland and scored 9,7 points out of maximum 10 in the study. Only 28 companies in Finland scored higher than 9,7. After years of heavy developments and efficiency improvements, we are very proud to receive such high score in this study. This is a recognition of the hard work conducted to date and it gives us the confidence and encouragement to continue to sustainably develop our business. As always our Customer’s needs remain a priority in our daily thinking and actions and our future development plans.



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