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Inauguration of OSTP Örnsköldsvik´s new landmark

Last Tuesday Oct. 13 we had the pleasure to celebrate a new landmark at OSTP City-center Örnsköldsvik, called monumentalböjen.

OSTP's management group got the opportunity to inaugurate a new artwork/advertisement display outside OSTP Örnsköldsvik Head office.

As this consists of a diameter 1219 mm radius 1828 mm LDX elbow, placed on a diameter 457 mm pipe, getting a total height of 5800 mm, makes it visible outwards what’s produced within the gates. During evenings is it
illuminated with blue LED light from inside and white LED from beneath.Artwork “monumentalböjen” made by Ö-vik team Leif Mellin, Hans Nilsson.

and Niklas Nordström.



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