OSTP in Jakobstad is developing and catching potentials in the business model and operations through new technologies and by making data available.

Project BEAST, consisting of six different projects, is partly financed by Business Finland.

We asked Anders Brännbacka, project manager and Operational Development Manager in Jakobstad, to explain what Project BEAST is about.

Project BEAST – what’s the target and what does it mean to OSTP?

– OSTP in Jakobstad will develop by making our operations more efficient through systems thinking, digitizing, integrating processes, making data available and last, but not least, new ways of working, Anders explains. It is targeting significant efficiency and sustainability improvement potentials in our business model and operations in Jakobstad.


Anders Brännbacka, Operational Development Manager in Jakobstad

Generally, this industry is quite traditional in controlling and steering operations. The processes are not very integrated, and data is not widely used. That leaves a big potential for efficiency improvements.

 The included actions

 Project BEAST is a comprehensive program with six different smaller work packages.

The projects enable data driven innovations, efficiency through automation technologies in the production, as well integrating the supply chain.

One of the work packages includes introduction of a new business model to foster the new growth and business logic in Jakobstad.

“To gain competitive advantage and to meet goals in emission reduction, one of the projects includes sustainability innovation, transparency, and future development, in line with sustainability being one of our core values.”

With support from Business Finland

Business Finland is an organization that promotes the sustainable development of Finnish companies through innovation financing. The organization helps companies to grow, developing solutions of the future and innovate business operations.

– The BEAST Project is partly financed through Business Finland from the European Union NextGeneration-fund for sustainability development in Finland. The project budget is 3,6 M€ and we have been approved a grant of 1,4 M€ through Business Finland.

The fact that Business Finland is participating and financing is great! They believe in OSTP, that we are an innovative company with a target to grow. This means that OSTP is a company, and an employer that is focusing on the future,  Anders Brännbacka conclude.

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