Making a difference, contributing to quality

 What’s the best part of working with IT at OSTP? Åsa Engblom and Håkan Nyström are in total agreement: The people, the possibilities and the variation in the work.”

Åsa and Håkan belong to a close-knit team of five IT colleagues that serve the whole OSTP Group. Åsa works as IT Architect and Håkan as IT Infrastructure Manager, but their enthusiasm is shared. We asked them to elaborate on what makes their roles so rewarding.

The people

Åsa is at OSTP for the second time, having returned after some years as an IT consultant.

“The IT department itself is a strong and familiar team, and we really get involved in the projects throughout OSTP,” Åsa explains. “We have the advantage of working with long-term solutions across all our sites, and we get to know the various areas and people well. Håkan and I are based in Örnsköldsvik, but we connect with Jakobstad, Italy and the sales team in Europe, as well as ÖMV. It’s great to work internationally, especially with so many nice colleagues throughout the organisation.”

Åsa Engblom, It Architekt.


The possibilities

Håkan emphasises an even bigger picture. “Our focus areas in the IT department are outlined for the coming years, based on OSTP’s vision of being a leader in efficiency and sustainability,” he says. “IT and digitalisation will be a big part of achieving the goal, which means there are many possibilities – and also some challenges.”

“At the same time, those challenges are one of the best parts of the job!” Åsa interjects. “We have the possibility to be part of something, from the idea stage and through the project to implementation and a working solution. Working so closely with the organisation over the long term, we can have the strategy and vision in mind when making our decisions.”

Håkan, too, is proud to be part of a longer journey. “Moving towards digitalisation and cloud solutions may be a bit tougher for a company like ours in a traditional industry,” he says. “But I must say that it’s going very well. More than just developing the systems, we’re developing the understanding within the organisation. It’s rewarding when plans are realised and the organisation is on board.”

“Our focus areas in the IT department are outlined for the coming years, based on OSTP’s vision of being a leader in efficiency and sustainability,” Håkan Nyström, IT infrastructure manager.


The variation in the work

“I think working with IT may be slightly different in a producing company compared to the service sector due to all its varying aspects”, Åsa continues. “Production infrastructure and focus on manufacturing, warehousing and logistics processes drives a lot of the initiatives for development. In parallel, IT is as any other business of course involved in supporting our colleagues in administrative process tools for example ERP, CRM, RPA and digital learning platforms etc. All departments and areas have their specific needs, and many of those systems need to work together.”

“Systems and tools are developing rapidly, and we have to solve the needs at hand while looking into the future to make good decisions,” Håkan elaborates. “As everything becomes connected and moves towards cloud solutions, our job is to support the organisation with solutions that will be sustainable in the long run, that goes for all areas. Take something as simple – or as complicated – as computer renewal. Our new agreement will guarantee sustainable recycling of computers, so they won’t just go to scrap.”

Håkan adds, “It feels great to work for a company that takes sustainability seriously. It’s not just talk, it’s a mindset. Even on an IT level, we’re working in many different ways – but as one company – for sustainability.”