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We support you with a number of different online tools, which are all free of charge.


 Wall Thickness Reduction Calculations

This tool shows potential savings in material consumption between different stainless steel grades and also possible savings when changing from ANSI dimensions to ISO dimensions. To use the tool you need to have an account and log in. You can apply for an account here. 

 Working Pressure Calculations

The weld factors used in the calculations below are according to our approvals from authorities. Internal vacuums are not taken into account in the calculations.

 Pipes and tubes
Calculations according to EN 13480-3 or ASME B31:3 in all available dimensions and grades.

Calculations according to EN 13480-3 in all available dimensions and grades.


 Tubular CAD Support

Online CAD support for all our tubular products.

 Steel Finder

Find, browse and compare our steel grades online. 



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