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Tubes and Pipes

OSTP supplies a wide range of tubes and pipes, particularly suited to customers facing the challenge of transporting fluids in corrosive or high temperature environments. Each individual application requires its own specific tube so that: A tube is defined by the actual specification.

Stainless Process Pipes

Process pipes are used primarily in the pulp, paper, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Pipes in chemical tankers, and for handling of water such as in pipelines, sewage- and desalination plants, are yet other important applications.


Stainless Circular Hollow Sections

Round construction tubes are used in various industries: architecture, building and construction, machine and process equipment builders, for decoration and in the automotive industry as well as in transportation.



Tubes and pipes can be manufactured from strip or plate with different types of surface finishes which in addition can be influenced within one pre-material type also by thickness and grade.


Product Standards

OSTP handles a wide range of product standards.




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