Process equipment from ÖMV

ÖMV is an OSTP Group company specialised in stainless steel process equipment.

With advanced knowledge and cutting-edge technology, ÖMV creates complete process units for applications where high pressure, high temperatures and frequently corrosive environments place tough demands on material and design.

Solutions and capabilities

ÖMV works with stainless steel process equipment in five main segments:
• Tubular heat exchangers
• Pressure vessels, reactors and columns
• Site-built tanks
• Conical refiners and deflakers
• Specialty products (incl. fibre filters)

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expertise from start to finish

The company has over 60 years of manufacturing experience, as well as an in-house design department. Its skilled engineers, who handle all calculations and construction, can assist not only with new designs, but also with modifications of your existing solutions.