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The production units of OSTP use a wide range of up-to-date inspection- and testing techniques, both in production and during final inspection.

All tests are carried out on calibrated and certified equipment and our non-destructive testing (NDT-) operators are qualified and certified according to international standards.

In addition to the recognised international tests, we are able to carry customer-specific test requirements, by agreement. Please contact us for more information.

Visual inspection

Firstly a visual inspection will take place, which is intended in the first instance as a means of making an overall appraisal of the tubes but can also be used for more specific inspection of surfaces and welds.

The visual inspection also includes checking of the correct tolerances for outside diameter, wall thickness, length and straightness.


Non Destructive Testing

A range of non-destructive testing techniques are carried out by OSTP's certified operators, depending on the specific application and/or the test regime required.

Image shows equipment for Eddy Current testing, ET.

Destructive Testing

The mechanical properties of OSTP's products are determined in our site laboratories, using fully calibrated test equipment.

Image shows equipment for a Tensile test.



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