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Health and Safety

A safe working environment is a prerequisite for us feeling safe, motivated and involved in our roles within OSTP.
Consequently, it is also essential for us to be able to deliver high quality and good service to our customers. 

Safety always has the highest priority

We have a zero vision for accidents with time off work. To follow up safety improvement at different places of work, regular protection, environmental and safety inspections are made. 

All employees are asked about behaviour and attitudes to safety issues via SBO (Safety Behaviour Observations).
The aim is to change attitudes and increase involvement in safety issues for all employees. A ‘think after before’ mentality can effectively contribute to reducing the number of accidents.

The systematic safety program for all our sites is supported by the certified working environment standard EN ISO 45001.
Work is ongoing to coordinate all our certified systems into one powerful system for the whole business.

The most important aspects of safety at work

For a common view of safety at OSTP, the following areas shall be taken into account during all safety-related work.




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