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Continuous Improvements

Continuous Improvements, internally called Route to World Class, is our way of describing our future.

LEAN as a concept was first developed within the Japanese automotive industry but is now employed by leading companies the world over. OSTP´s Route to World Class is built on the principles of LEAN and the aim is that the whole process – from order to delivery – shall create maximum value for our customers.

To be effective in our improvement work, we use several important tools. Such as for example 5S, Operator maintenance and Target-oriented improvement work comprise the basic tool set for our continuous improvement work. We put plans into effect and measure performance with the help of a Key Performance Index (KPI). It is nevertheless important to point out that Route to World Class is not primarily about different tools and methods, but rather a way of thinking and behaving that permeates the whole company.

OSTP started working on Route to World Class more than seven years ago. Positive results soon became apparent and Route to World Class is now ongoing in all our operations. Today, we are convinced that it encompasses everything we do. We recruit new co-workers according to clear values, we develop our organization to achieve good flexibility, and we continuously evaluate our results and our performance at every level against target goals based on our long-term strategy.

Each function within the company comprises one piece of a processing jigsaw that aims to create customer value. The whole of the company and all its employees are therefore involved in Route to World Class.  



As our business develops, we constantly need knowledgeable and motivated personnel. You can fill in an open application where you can define what kind of job you are looking for.
feb 2020
Etsimme kunnossapitotiimiimme motivoituneita ja ammattitaitoisia kunnossapitoasentajia sekä sähkö- että mekaaniseen kunnossapitoon. Työ sisältää vianetsintä- ja korjaustehtävien lisäksi ennakko- ja määräaikaishuoltoja koko tuotantoympäristössämme. Vastaat omaan työhösi kuuluvasta raportoinnista, työturvallisuudesta, siisteydestä ja järjestyksestä. Työ voi olla päivätyötä tai vuorotyötä, riippuen työtehtävästä.
feb 2020
Vi söker motiverade och yrkeskunniga underhållsmontörer för el- och mekaniskt underhåll till vårt underhållsteam. Uppgiften innebär förutom felsöknings- och reparationsuppgifter även förhands- och planerat underhåll av hela vår produktionsmiljö. Du ansvarar för rapportering av ditt eget arbete, för arbetssäkerhet och för ordning och reda. Arbetet kan vara dagtid eller skiftesarbete, beroende på arbetsuppgifterna.